Time for new hats!

Hiya Pandas,

How are you? Are you enjoying the spring-like weather? Luckily we haven’t really had a long winter this year. The snow on Panfu has melted already, too.

Yay, spring is around the corner!

In some places, spring has already sprung. I keep seeing the first few spring flowers in some gardens. Have you noticed them? My Pokopets are also feeling happier and want to go out for walks a lot more. :)

You should still be careful not to underestimate the current temperatures – you can get sick quite easily in these fresh temperatures. Don’t forget your hats! Just make sure your ears are warm. Lili has knit super cool hats that I can present you very exclusively today.

Cat Hats – Miaow!

Nightcaps – not only for sleepy heads! ;)

Classics – they go with just about anything!

The cool ones – with a message!

Do you know what YOLO and SWAG mean? That’s what it says on the two hats I like most. But before I put them on, I want to make sure I won’t embarrass myself. :roll:

Paws up for Panfu!
and Ella

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