Return of a mysterious quest

Listen up, Pandas! I have an important message for you: Panfu is in danger! At least I think it is…

Are you sure??? :shock:

Yes!! No! Not really :???: …I was at the Beauty Salon, relaxing a bit today, when I overheard a very mysterious conversation. I was minding my own business, slices of cucumbers on my eyes, when I suddenly heard a shrill noise. Rrrrrrrring Rrrring. The phone! It wouldn’t stop ringing!! Nobody seemed to want to answer the phone at first, but when I was just about to pick the cucumber off my face, someone finally picked up.

Here’s what the Panda working at the Beauty Salon said:
„What do you mean, I wanted it this way??…Wh-wh-who are you? I think you have the wrong number. There’s nothing dangerous about the Beauty Salon!! Well, maybe if you’re on the tanning bed for too long…mmmmh yeah, there’s a suitcase here. Why?…Chocolate cookies?…But, but…I can’t bake!!!…Ah, you will call again tomorrow…heeeeelllo! Are you there??? Heeeellllooo!”

Ella, that sounds really dangerous!! And it’s somehow familiar, too…

I also thought it rang a bell. I kept racking my brain…but then it came to me: It’s the beginning of the quest “A mysterious call”.

Yaaay, we can play the quest again soon! Judging by the phone call, probably from tomorrow :) Make sure you check your Quest Book if you want to do something cool tomorrow.

Max and Ella

P.S. If you’re on the lookout for some spring decoration, keep checking the Surprise Machine this week! There’s a floor pillow in the shape of a water lily to be had. Lovely!

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