New Player Card Background

21 February 2014

Hello Pandas,

New backgrounds for your Player Card are available :) Take a look:

Make your Player Card match your mood and pick between awesome stickers, a Pokopet race track, drums, the beach or a nerdtastic background ;)

Well, I feel like drumming today. BOOOM!! :mrgreen:

Um, I think I’ll head to the Pokopet race track. It’ll be a lot less noisy there. Here’s a tip for all Pandas who have problems with the puzzle in the Bigfoot quest. To make it a bit easier for you, I’ll show you what the picture is supposed to look like once you have solved the puzzle:


Keep on puzzling!

Your Ella and your Max

P.S. You can get the Player Card backgrounds from the Clothes Catalogue.

We’ll Help You, Bigfoot!

17 February 2014


Soo…have you fed Bigfoot yet? Tssss…I didn’t think he wouldn’t eat raw fish. Even when he’s close to starving, he won’t touch raw fish! Tsss…I actually had to ask Bruno to make fish fingers. But before he could do that, he had to make 20 portions of his famous fat free fries – for a birthday party…

That took ages…and then the door! I had totally forgotten how much it takes to open that thing.

You mean you’d forgotten that you need a key from Kamaria to open it :roll: But Max doesn’t listen to me. Instead, he’s been pulling at that door for days, hoping to open it with sheer force. Well, try eating more spinach then ;)

…after about 2 hours, I didn’t want to hang around anymore and went to solve the puzzle. I might even help Max, if he weren’t so stubborn…

Fiiiine. But I’m only doing it so I can protect you during the quest :mrgreen: Have you guys solved the puzzle yet?

Paws up for Panfu,

Max and Ella

Bigfoot Is Back!

13 February 2014

Hello Pandas,

Greetings from my dream island “Maxland”!

I found the perfect way to give the cold shoulder to winter: the new Island Tree House totally does the trick :) It’s always sunny and warm, you can go swimming all day and the Pokopets feel right at home. I think I’ll just stay home for the next few months, he he :mrgreen:

I don’t think so. I just got news from the Panfu headquarters that will put a spring in your step: The Bigfoot quest is back in the Quest Book!! :) All loyal Pandas know the story surrounding the poor castaway Yeti, I’m sure. For those of you who don’t, I’ll just tell you to brace yourselves and be prepared for lots of excitement and adventure. The poor fella is at the Beach, totally exhausted and starving. He needs our help!

If your heart’s in the right spot, go and see him!

I’m on my waaaaaaayyy.

He he, you just have to say the word ‘quest’ and Max forgets all about his own island. Bigfoot will probably want to gobble Max up when he sees him in his Strawberry Costume :D

Important tip for you: You have to start the quest from the Quest Book. It’s called ‘Bigfoot’.

Quickly now, we don’t want Bigfoot to actually starve, do we?

Paws up for Panfu,

Your Ella

Ice Skating Queen Ella

9 February 2014

Good Morning Pandas,

Have you put on your ice skates and practiced your twirls on the ice yet?

It’s just so much fun! Say Max, why is your mouth hanging open like that in the pic? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost!

Pfft, I’m not afraid of ghosts. After we’ve defeated quite a few creepy creatures here on Panfu, ghosts are more like pet dogs to me.

So why the weird face?

Because…you showed me up. You know, Ella kept complaining that she’d never been ice skating before. So yesterday we went to the Castle Terrace to check out the new ice rink (which is totally awesome, by the way! :) ). I went onto the ice and started twirling a bit – I managed 9 pirouettes, one after another :cool:

But then I stepped onto the ice! :mrgreen:

Ella, who supposedly had ‘no talent whatsoever’, started skating like she was born with ice skates instead of paws. To top it off, she even broke my pirouette record!! Ella, the ‘beginner’, managed 15 1/2 pirouettes :shock:

Oops, I might have forgotten to mention that I used to take ballet lessons :oops:

Of course! How about you? Are you stable on your skates or maybe even have a few tips for me?

Paws up for Panfu,

Max and Ella

Kamaria is cool!

5 February 2014

Yaay, the Castle is free of ice!!

Well done. We’ve all done really well :mrgreen:

We went to the Castle again last night and gave Kamaria a thermos full of warm tea. The poor thing was freezing! Imagine you didn’t have any heating! I would just cuddle up with a blanket all day…brrr…I get goosebumps even thinking about it.

Kamaria was surprisingly cool with the tiny ice age and everything.

Cool? He he, a funny choice of words for Kamaria :D

Max, older people can be cool too, you know :roll:
I bet you’ll think the same when I tell you about the suggestion Kamaria came up with: Because she kept slipping on the icy ground, she put on ice skates and moved across the Castle like that. She liked it so much that she had the idea to set up an ice rink on the Castle Terrace.

Wow, cool!!

See, what did I tell you? ;)
Go to the Castle today and have fun!

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max